Dry Valleys Workshop 2012 Objectives: Establishing

Objectives: Establishing a Terrestrial Observation Network

What are the key Dry Valley ecological processes that need to be measured?
How should these processes be measured?
How can these data best be coordinated and disseminated?
How can these measurements inform environmental stewardship and management decisions?
The proposed workshop will bring together US and other McMurdo Dry Valley researchers for the purpose of:
i)  identifying the optimal, complementary suites of measurements required to assess and address key processes associated with environmental change in Dry Valley ecosystems,
ii)  developing standards and protocols for gathering the most critical biotic and abiotic measurements associated with the key processes driving environmental change,
iii)  generating a draft data coordination and development plan that will maximize the utility of these data.
iv)  assessing the effectiveness of current McMurdo Dry Valley ASMA environmental protection guidelines
The workshop is intended to provide a draft plan that will serve as a first step in establishing a coordinated, long-term observation network for the McMurdo Dry Valleys. The goal is to have an established network that will facilitate increased coordination and comparability of measurements of the key processes associated with environmental change, including those involving biota, human movement, and climatic parameters that can inform predictions of how organisms and ecosystems will be altered with environmental change. This workshop will also serve as a visioning effort to determine the types of data needed to determine the effects of climate change on Antarctic terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Another intended outcome is an expanded capacity for assessing and improving management and environmental protection programs.